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Filing a pre or post-nuptial agreement can help protect your assets if your marriage dissolves. Most people don’t expect to get a divorce when getting married, but studies show that about half of all marriages in the United States today end up in divorce. The Law Office of Larry D. Catlett provides efficient and knowledgeable legal assistance to clients wanting to prepare a pre or post-nuptial agreement. As a Richmond attorney, I stand by your side throughout the entire process so you never have to worry about missing information or an inaccurate agreement.

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A pre-nuptial agreement, also called a pre-marital agreement, is a formal, written statement made between a couple before their marriage. It stipulates what happens to specific assets in case of a divorce or death. The post-nuptial agreement is the same thing but is made after the marriage. I have help thousands of clients draft pre and post-nuptial agreements with their spouses, and my experienced team can work with you to reach an agreement that is beneficial for both parties.

Advantages of a pre or post-nuptial agreement:

  • Protect one spouse from the other’s debts
  • Distinguish between marital and separate property
  • Keep family property in the family
  • Provide for children from previous marriages
  • Determine property distribution upon divorce
  • Protect your estate plan
  • Detail the responsibilities of each spouse during the marriage

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A pre or post-nuptial agreement can help protect your property and is a good precaution in case of divorce. With more than 40 years of experience, The Law Office of Larry D. Catlett can analyze your specific situation and help you fill out the proper paperwork. With me, you don’t have to face this complicated process alone.

Serving Richmond and the Central Virginia are, my law firm offers a team atmosphere that gives you access to resources. For a variety of marriage issues including pre and post-nuptial agreements, I can work directly with you and your spouse to achieve an outcome on which you both agree. I am concerned with your satisfaction and am up-to-date on Virginia law allowing me to handle a variety of legal issues. No matter how complex your family law case is, I can help you move forward with confidence.

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